Fuck everything right now. It’s raining fucking cats and dogs outside, and my brother when downstairs.. he heard a phone go off and someone cough and then looked inside our garage door and fucking saw a face. and just a second ago.. I heard our door to the storage closet slam and now I hear footsteps.. i’m freaking oh my god.



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Freeing the slave was nice, but wouldn’t be that huge of a thing.

Smashing the cups, though? I’m just imagining that Augustus was just walking along one day and saw the slave-owner trying to kill his slave, so he just goes over, tells the slave ‘yo, you’re free’, and then, never breaking his gaze from the slaveowner, casually sweeps all the other cups off the shelf too.

It’s just such a wonderful little ‘fuck you’.

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*mic drop*

Lmao the first time I read this i was like “Yeah I doubt many men could take advantage of it to avoid being drugged”.

How optimistic I can think. That’s obviously not what she meant. She’s pretending that only men rape and only women are raped.


Pick your fuckin’ mic up.

I honestly think the intent was that men can be drugged and raped too… at least that’s how I read it. 

The “mic drop” says otherwise but I’d like to know of the author’s intent.

I’ve seen this appear on my dashboard a few times now, and each time I’m never sure which of these the tweet means. So I’ve found this person’s twitter and I’m having a look for context or a follow-up.
(AKA I did a quick page search for “polish”).

This is the sum of my truly remarkable detective work, although I will warn that I am not the best person at deciphering inexplicit intent/sarcasm, particularly when written. Here we go.

First, she tweeted this:

For the record, it was 39 minutes before I got WHAT ABOUT TEH MENZ in my mentions

and then:

And one for the “NOTALLMEN! WOMEN RAPE TOO!” crowd: no-rape nail polish does a great deal to reinforce Evil Male Stranger Rapist idea.

and then a (probably sarcastic) reply to:

not looking for argument but comment does read “all men are rapists” which v diff from “all rapists are men”

which was

Thank you for this helpful and insightful comment.

after this:

Bless every heart in my mentions earnestly telling me that it’s okay for men to wear nail polish, too.

she starts mocking people who point out it’s clear (so men could wear it)? Although she does seem to have received a lot of messages about “the nail polish is clear” so maybe that’s the cause of all the annoyed responses.

Most of it is just her arguing with people that the polish shouldn’t be necessary, because victims will be criticised for not wearing it and that it puts the responsibility on the would-be victims (with a “wear it if you want to” addendum).

And she refers to it as “the nail polish joke” so… yeah. It’s not looking good that she meant the first thing, then. Which I had optimistically been hoping for.

Sorry about how long this post went on for! It was bothering me, trying to get a better idea. Wow.

It was a clear read to me. She’s saying mainly why should women help prevent being raped? She’s jesting that if the nail polish helps prevent rape that MEN should be the ones wearing it so they can prevent themselves from raping.

Another “rape prevention tactics on part of the victim is victim blaming” idiot, to be honest.

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Anonymous: Is it stupid that I'm worried about my bf because he's out with his friend and another friend who is a girl and he also cheated on me with her?

It is never stupid to be worried about that. Hell he shouldn’t even be having contact with her as far as i’m concerned! Though hun, I must ask.. Why are you still with him if he cheated? xo


Chito and Pocho

Chito says goodbye to his bestfriend Pocho, the seventeen foot half ton crocodile.

Gilberto “Chito” Shedden found Pocho over 20 years wounded and near death. Pocho had been shot in the left eye by a cattle farmer. Chito didn’t have the heart to leave him, so he took him back home and nursed him back to health. A decade of friendship later, someone saw Chito and Pocho swimming together and told the local media.

By the summer of 2000, they had become stars after their first show. Large groups of people would gather to watch these two perform tricks like winking, rolling over and allowing Chito to put his head inside the giants mouth.

Chito and Pocho grew closer and closer with each amazing performance. Not only were the performances amazing, but also the fact that a human and crocodile could become such close friends. People were amazed. It’s always beautiful to see a strange friendship like the one Chito and Pocho had.